The Universe does not give up its secrets easily...
Sometimes it takes someone like Harry Irons to find the truth for the rest of us.

While seeking origins for the starship Minerva, tragedy strikes Edward Fagen and crew. Light years away, Harry is stirred to carry out an impossible rescue mission and just maybe, save the universe in the process.

Among The Stars by Thomas C. Stone is the sequel to the original Harry Irons Trilogy. Written for a general audience and sure to satisfy both younger and older fans of science fiction.

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Sample pages.

Opus22 fm Amazon says:

"I really love the Harry Irons trilogy
- some of the best SiFi out there (IMHO)
-a little eerie in some ways as the characters and situations
reveal a broad spectrum of situations that might really exist...
...very compelling reading."

Owl fm Amazon says:

"Oh what fun!
I could stay lost in this world for a very long time!!
Mr. Stone has, once again, taken me to another world
and I have loved every moment of it."

Don Owens fm Amazon says:

"Awesome is all I can say about this book.
We need a lot more SciFi books like this one."

Allen fm Amazon says:

"I rate Thomas C. Stone as one of the greats,
comparing to the likes of Asimov, Heinlein and Clarke.
Writing style is excellent and imagination off the charts.
The characters are full of rich detail that makes
the reader feel they are part of the action.
Thank You, Mr. Thomas, for restoring me to my path amongst the stars!"

Sorsha fm Amazon says:

"[The Harry Irons] Trilogy is a must read.
[I]Would recommend any and all Harry Irons books.
Thomas C. Stone is a great story teller."

Cobus Malan fm Amazon says:

[Among The Stars is] Captivating and spellbounding.
Brilliant storyline, the writer makes you want
to go to his house and demand another story like this."