JENNINGS' FOLLY -- A Harry Irons' Spin-off Tale. If you liked Harry, you'll love Amanda. Orphaned on the colonial world of Dreidel, Amanda Jennings is raised by her grandfather and taught to take her revenge whenever the opportunity arises. That was fine with Amanda. All she wanted was to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and be a kitzloc hunter. Intended for a general audience and both younger and older fans of science fiction. Available in industrial paperback or ebook format

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Sample pages.

Debra Gerik of Amazon Reviews says:

"Adventurous and Romantic. Unusual story of the coming of age
of a remarkable sixteen young woman bravely facing danger.
All the resilience of youth.
Takes me back to my own youthful self.
Great story."

Daniel P. Stasinski of Amazon Reviews says:

"Absolutely enjoyed it. For full disclosure, I originally got this book for free
directly from the author, but as soon as I finished it
I came back to Amazon and actually paid for it.
Yes, I enjoyed it that much.
If you are someone who enjoyed Heinlein as a kid, Jennings' Folly will not disappoint you.
Though it's an extension of the Harry Irons series,
the book reads by itself just fine. I sure hope there are sequels."

Steven Parker of Amazon Reviews says:

"Thomas Stone is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors. Jennings' Folly is extremely well done. A stand-alone novel such as this one is a rare find
with all of the formulaic sci-fi that is out there now."

Roger Smith of Amazon Reviews says:

"5.0 out of 5 stars [for] Jennings Folly (The Harry Irons Series) by Thomas C. STONE.
THIS was a great book to read, and if you like Science Fiction as I do
you will enjoy this book. I highly recommend [it]."

Don Owens of Amazon Reviews says:

"Very nicely done sequel to Harry Irons Trilogy.
As seen through the eyes of a small child up to her teenage years.
Lots of action and drama. Loved it."