MINERVA'S SOUL is the third and final book of the original Harry Irons Trilogy. In this thrilling conclusion, Harry is re-united with his original team and faces the biggest test of his life, an alien infection that transforms Harry into something unearthly, something that not only poses a threat to all around him but also to himself. MINERVA'S SOUL is written in the same style as the preceding novels in the Harry Irons series and is intended for a general audience.

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Sample pages.
Opus22 at Amazon Reviews says:

"Loved the trilogy! I found the series some of the best SiFi I've read in years.
It cost me some sleep as I could not put it down.
Very believable characters and science - expansion into consciousness itself
in a universe billions of years old and what could and maybe does happen
to a given species that has been around for a long time
is both profound and captivating in a very pragmatic and real sense.
A deja vu like experience reading this..."

Debra Gerik at Amazon Reviews says:

"Utterly unique and well written. Good twists and turns throughout.
The ending has me itching to read the next book in the series."

Bill Routt at Amazon Reviews says:

"Great Third book in the Harry Irons Trilogy! I just finished Minerva's Soul.
I had read both of the previous Harry Irons books - which I thoroughly enjoyed.
And, this third book did not disappoint. I loved the characters
that he continued to develop, and I love the technical stuff - as always.
But, this one had more of the power of the mind - which was fascinating.
I also loved the ending - and I also loved finding out more about the kizlocs.
Great imagination."

Darren at Amazon Reviews says:

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Truly a fantastic book! This series was extremely well thought out and well written.
I will definitely recommend this to anyone.
There is so much action it keeps your head spinning.
I won't be a spoiler so you must buy it and read.
Thomas Stone deserves an award for writing awesome material!"

Ivan Velez at Amazon Reviews says:

"5.0 out of 5 stars. A "timeless" read. The trilogy was amazing -
worm holes, FTL drives, new civilizations, AI, aliens; and yes... capitalism!
I was entertained from page one of the first book, to the last page of book three.
Will definitely download the rest of the author's work, and I do not say that often!!!"

Fred Mankins at Amazon Reviews says:

"Another awesome book by a very talented writer! This is a book that keeps you on your toes,
and you never want to put it down. You really want to read all the series.
Thomas Stone is one of those talented writers that knows how
to keep the reader wanting more, and on suspense. He is one of my favorite authors."

Bob at Amazon Reviews says:

"A superb adventure, continuing the saga. You definitely won't be disappointed with this,
the third of the trilogy which has apparently evolved into a quadology.
Thomas Stone is an excellent writer. Read on. You'll love it!"

Another Amazon Customer at Amazon Reviews says:

"A really great read! Mr. Stone did a great job of storytelling
making the characters so frustratingly real that I had to remember
that it was just a story. Mr. Fagan, Harry and all the rest were brought to life and
Mr. Stone caught the intricacies of human personalities both good and bad in his characters.
I was sorry to see the story end...

Wilma Estes at Amazon Reviews says:

"Five Stars! good tight story.

Jenocidal at Amazon Reviews says:

"LOVE LOVE! I love this series and I absolutely can't wait for more or a break off series of books.
It has all the elements to keep the reader completely engaged!
Highly recommended, now!"

Altar Boy at Amazon Reviews says:

"Well integrated syfi. Probably the best syfi book series I have read.
Love the characters and story-line.
Will read more if the author is so inclined to write more."

Valenti at Amazon Reviews says:

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Best Trilogy I have read in a long time.
Such a great trilogy by Thomas C. Stone that I have purchased other books (on kindle) by him
such as "Rolling Thunder" and "Song of the "Elowai"."

A Kindle Customer at Amazon Reviews says: "Sci Fi Fans must read. Great Science Fiction.
This is a must read trilogy. I could not put it down."

Another Kindle Customer at Amazon Reviews says:

"5.0 out of 5 stars. Great! After reading the first two books
I didn't think it could be better but it was.
Best one yet and I wish there were more."

Valli Kale at Amazon reviews says:

"Five Stars. Inventive and thought provoking. I didn't want to put it down."