SANDY PEARL AND THE BLADES -- In the mid-1970's, Sandy Pearl and the Blades were the hottest band on the scene. They topped the charts and wowed the concert audiences. Sandy Pearl was the mysterious frontman for the band and everyone was taken by surprise when the group re-located from LA to a small college town in Texas. Yet, the party continued. Sandy had an open door policy at his mansion on the edge of town and the soiree was legendary. Revelers, hippies, and groupies made the scene among a seemingly never-ending parade of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. But no one knew who Sandy Pearl really was -- until Conrad Snow moved in next door.

In the grand tradition of F. Scott's tales of alcohol-fueled days and nights during the torrid 20's, Sandy Pearl and the Blades reminds us of the tragic futility of pursuing dreams whose time has passed.

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Scott Bennett of The Dallas Morning News says:

I have read Sandy Pearl. It is excellent. Smoothly written with a great sense of time and place. Characters are well drawn. Interactions realistic. Really enjoyed it.

Gweneth Baldwin at Amazon reviews says:

"Sandy Pearl and the Blades is a great book and will leave you wanting more!
I have read Mr. Stone's work for years and thought it was wonderful.
[Stone] is an amazing storyteller and word craftsman. This book however,
is far off the very successfully beaten path from his other work in genre,
but for myself anyway, even more amazing! He has a genuine gift for
developing his characters so that one becomes attached to them.
His story line development is also above & beyond most writers.
Not many are able to write with [his] skill..."