Hello folks. Thomas C. Stone here. For those of you who are already acquainted with my work, you might ask, how did I ever get this way? Well, being raised by wolves wasn't easy. Intrigued by the Dick and Jane stories, I developed a fascination for the written word early in life . As a student, I studied writing, classical literature, philosophy, linguistics, and computer science. To support my writing, I've worn a lot of different hats; unfortunately, none fit very well. Anyway, somehow I've managed to write over 20 fiction books, primarily in the science fiction genre.

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I'll be honest with you, writing for a living is not a very smart career choice. For one thing, you have to be smart and you should know more than just grammar if you're going to be a good writer. Make an effort to understand the world before jotting down opinion pieces. Both experience and wisdom come at a risk, usually even a loss, but you must have something meaningful to write about. Otherwise, you have to copy articles from the internet to complete your homework assignments. Know what I mean? One could aspire to a great number of noble occupations and gain fortune and fame easier than from the modest scribblings of the fiction writer. Down in the Southern states, we have a phrase for it. One is called into it, so we say, as if the Lord compels the writer to write. But the truth is, creating fiction can be just as much of a curse as a blessing and achieving even modest success can be similar to scaling Everest. What keeps me going? I have to do this. I can't do anything else anymore. I've burnt all my bridges. I can still see the light from the fires."

Thomas C. Stone currently lives in Oklahoma, of all places. He maintains the same family of cats and Mae now must share Tom's attention with Cowboy, a hyperactive Catahouli.

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