quick peek at a masterpiece

I’ve had occasion to read maybe half of the Xylanthia trilogy including portions of the final book which he says isn’t done yet, but I have the big picture and it is marvelous! I have promised not to reveal any details but I can say the 3 book Xylanthia series is a reading experience; an extremely well-written, entertaining romp through Stoney’s fertile imagination, and I am quite certain I have never read anything like it before. There is a lot of action and it’s fun and thoughtful and the prose flows…

Karl tells me to just say what Xylanthia is about. Well, you’d have to read it for yourself. Maybe with a cocktail. I suppose you could say the entire, three book story is about a young woman making her way in a futuristic world. The first book, Xylanthia, is about her experience with a team of interstellar explorers on the planet Xylanthia orbiting one of the binary stars at Sirius.

I would definitely be interested in acting the part but only if Cameron directs.

I wanted to say more about the other two books — Return to Xylanthia and The Galactic Center, but Karl says I’ve said too much already.

The Xylanthia series could easily become my new favorite. Waiting for the release date? Hm?

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