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On the Road Again

On the road again, just can’t wait to be back on the road again… I have a new book completed that is currently making the rounds of agencies in the Big Apple. They normally do not care for small-time science fiction authors from Texas so my expectations to make a sale are rather low. Still, every rejection notice is like an arrow to the heart. When I have exhausted the New York list, I’ll move on to the LA agencies. Maybe one or two in Denver after that, and then finally on to literary agencies in Texas.  If nobody wants to play ball, I’ll publish the dang thing under my own imprint, as usual. The title of the new book is Sandy Pearl and the Blades. Please watch for it and purchase a copy for everyone you know when it becomes available.

Currently, I’m working up a post-apocalyptic story inspired by The Road, by Cormac McCarthy.

As some of you may have figured out by now, I ran into some problems over at and lost control of my brand. I’ll not mention the name because I don’t want to give credence to what I will now refer to as “the old blog.” If you think it can’t happen to you, think again. I knew it was just a matter of time but I had a good run over there  — nearly ten years — before someone decided I was too dangerous.


Updates to The Blog are  lacking so we’re going to try and fix that. Karl and Marilyn are still around (I think) and waiting for me to provide content. Okay, here goes.

For a while, the price for Xylanthia is a dollar, for heaven’s sakes! Now that’s for an ebook download, not a signed copy or an audio book.

I have a new novella recently completed — a return to 1977; sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll! Sandy Pearl and the Blades. Watch for it.

Another short story collection is in the works and maybe another novella too.

If you are so inclined, download a copy of Xylanthia while it is still cheap and read the best new science fiction available. Thanks for reading! I am certain you will love The Xylanthian Chronicles.

Fiction, Illusion, and Reality

Someone asked what fiction, illusion, and reality have in common. Well, if reality really is some objective thing out there, then illusion would be something that has the appearance of reality, but isn’t; and fiction would be the story describing the illusion, which of course, is mistaken for truth.

Xylanthia Book Release

I am delirious to announce the release of The Xylanthian Chronicles, a sci-fi trilogy by yours truly, Thomas C. Stone.

The three books trace the adventures of a group of characters who start out as a team of explorers cataloging the flora and fauna of Xylanthia — a moon in orbit about a gas giant orbiting one of the binary stars at Sirius.

A gateway in time is discovered amid speculations on the nature of the origin of life on Xylanthia. Additionally, an enterprising lab technician derives a recreational drug from an alien substance and suddenly, we’re off to the races. That’s even before the transdimensional beings show up. Yep, that’s what I said. Transdimensional beings.

The three books, in order, are Xylanthia, Return To Xylanthia, and The Galactic Center. The Xylanthian Chronicles is written for a general audience with a suggested rating of PG-13. If preferred, each book is also sold separately.

“Anyone who wishes to become a good writer should endeavor, before he allows himself to be tempted by the more showy qualities, to be direct, simple, brief, vigorous, and lucid.”

– H.W. Fowler

Inquiring minds…

…wanted to know what I had planned for this 4th of July holiday weekend. They will likely be disappointed to find I am digging up my potatoes, painting four chairs (red), bathing the cats because they have fleas, and doing a little writing. So, I hope everybody has a great holiday. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and have a slice of watermelon. We’ll talk about Ken Kesey and Thomas Hardy.

Could be worse…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy stitches came out yesterday so I’ll use that as an impetus to continue work on Return to Xylanthia (that’s a working title). My injury is on the mend. The new story is shaping up nicely and it picks up where the first book, Xylanthia, ends. It’s the second book in yet another sci-fi trilogy by yours truly with enough creatures, space and time travel and weird cosmology to distract even the most ardent Star Trek fan.

Had they not been able to sew my finger back together, I would have opted for a bionic finger, a la Steve Austin, or maybe a BIC lighter holder.

Or maybe, I could make a fashion statement.finger necklace

New Digs

TommyBoyI’m getting used to the layout around here so please bear with me. It’s going to be a different sort of blogging experience at The Blog than I am accustomed to. I’m actually expected to come up with something meaningful to say. So, first things first, it’s great to be here and if a real human being is reading this, then good on ya for being human.

You know, humans aren’t all bad. They’re just not all good. Have you considered whether you have more good in you than bad? Maybe you’re a relativist and so the question is moot. But how would you judge that anyway? What would be your measuring stick? The Bible? The Koran? Science? Karl Marx? Are you moral and faithful until the end or are you just good for a couple of go-rounds and a giggle?

According to Socrates, we spend our entire lives in a grand illusion, searching for meaning. On one hand, I agree with that. But, on the other hand, I have seen the stars and I know what they are! I should qualify that…

A star is a celestial body formed by stellar gases and dust coalesced through gravity and pressure into a burning thermonuclear orb. A star like the sun makes light, gives warmth, propels photons and electrons and all manner of good tidings to the planet Earth and in return we smile at the great orb in the sky.

I have other, more specific knowledge about our sun and stars, but the paragraph above does a good job explaining the extent of my knowledge in a nutshell. I mean, if someone came along and asked me who the boss of the sun was, I’d have to think about it. It’s not a conventional question, I know, so let me put it like this: Does our sun and our little solar system where we live idyllic lives on Earth (just kidding!) have a larger purpose in the make-up of the Sagittarian arm of the Milky Way? Maybe. Maybe not.

I’m rambling, of course, but it’s all in an afternoon. I am nearing completion of the second book of my new trilogy and am very happy with what I have so far. A new book of short stories is also being compiled. That’s another exciting project I hope to see come to fruition early next year.

So, stay tuned. I’ve got a new blog to play with. This is TommyBoy. Over and out.