What a trip!

Completed The Galactic Center, last book in The Xylanthian Chronicles, and I need to say all three books are incredible. What an amazing story from the amazing imagination of Thomas Stone. How does he come up with this stuff? The story is engaging from page one and just takes you deeper and deeper. Stone’s writing style is laid back and easy.  He doesn’t beat around the story-telling bush and because of it, the story flows from one adventure to another in a futuristic world Stone describes with such detail that it all comes to life.

I’m serious — if you’re a reader, a fan of sci-fi, or just love good writing and story-telling, you must read The Xylanthian Chronicles. It will not disappoint.

5 thoughts on “What a trip!”

  1. The Xylanthia books are truly thought-provoking. Thanks, Mr. Stone for creating great entertaining sci-fi. More, please.

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